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Privacy Policy

FCA Canada Inc. (FCA Canada) is a subsidiary of FCA US LLC, a member of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) family of companies. When the term FCA Canada is used in this policy, it means FCA Canada Inc.

Your privacy is very important to us. Following is a brief summary of our Privacy Statement. To view FCA Canada's complete Privacy Statement, please click here.

Purposes and Consent
FCA Canada takes privacy very seriously. We collect personal information to better serve our customers, for safety, security and regulatory reasons, and to provide customers and potential customers with information about our products and services. We endeavour to have a lifelong relationship with customers. Therefore, we may retain any personal information that you provide, unless otherwise instructed. The information will remain confidential to FCA Canada Inc., to businesses working for us, and to any organization that acquires all or part of our business, provided that they agree to comply with our privacy statement or notify you of material changes. If you indicate an interest in evaluating or purchasing our products and/or services, it may be shared with a specific dealer and/or a FCA Canada-related financial services provider.

If you do not wish to receive our marketing information, please e-mail our Privacy Officer at

Cookies and Related Technologies
Cookies are small lines of text/data that are written onto your computer by website. FCA Canada or others acting on our behalf may use cookies, pixel tags, web beacons or other similar technologies in connection with the operation of our websites. These technologies may collect and store usage data to research and understand how our websites are used, to develop our products and services, to personalize your online experience with FCA Canada and for general advertising and marketing purposes. We may share data collected from you on our websites with our third party vendors or suppliers to advertise or market to you on other websites as you browse the web. It is possible that cookies placed by FCA Canada or its vendors or suppliers (as applicable) may be removed at the end of your visit or may remain stored on your computer until you remove them.

Our service providers or vendors may also use cookies and related technologies in order to personalize your experiences and adapt a particular FCA Canada website's functionality to your preferences and for purposes such as those listed above. If you are visiting a website other than a FCA Canada website, you should carefully review the privacy policies of those websites.

FCA Canada (and/or our third party vendors) may use data collected on our websites to customize advertisements to you on other websites as you browse the web. You may change the settings on your browser to opt out of receiving cookies if you do not want your browsing behaviour used for online behavioural advertising purposes.

You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to refuse receiving it. You should be aware that this may interfere with or make you unable to use certain functionality on websites using cookies. For example, many websites will ask your permission to use a cookie that will enable you to automatically log onto the website. Disabling or removing cookies may require you to manually log on each time you wish to visit that website.

By providing FCA Canada with your personal information, you are deemed to have consented to FCA Canada using and disclosing it for the purposes described in this statement.

Types of Personal Information Collected
FCA Canada collects, uses, and may disclose to the selected parties mentioned in this statement, your:
  • Basic contact information
  • Information about your purchase and use of our products
  • Your opinions and experiences regarding our products and services
Our purposes are to assist you in making your purchases and to provide an excellent service, to develop better products, enhance our compliance with regulatory requirements and offer you benefits and product information.

Disclosure to Related Organizations
As a rule, FCA Canada will not disclose your personal information to third parties. However there are exceptions:
  1. From time to time, we use third-party sub-contractors to provide certain services, such as customer service. While your personal information is disclosed to such parties, they are required to comply with FCA Canada's Privacy Statement and not use or retain your personal information for their own purposes.
  2. If information about your services is anonymized, so that the individual customer is no longer identifiable, then it is not personal information anymore. We may disclose anonymized information at any time to anyone we choose.
  3. If FCA Canada, in whole or in part, is acquired by another company, your personal information will be transferred to the new company along with the rest of the assets, provided that the company either agrees to abide by FCA Canada's then existing Privacy Statement, or agrees to notify you forthwith about any proposed changes to the privacy statement and allows you an opportunity to request that your personal information be deleted.
  4. FCA Canada will disclose your personal information without your consent as required by law or permitted by Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or by provincial law, whichever is applicable.

Changes to Our Policies
We anticipate that at some time in the future it may be necessary to make changes to our Privacy Statement. We will notify all active customers, such as customers who have submitted and maintained a personal profile, of changes, in accordance with our statutory obligations. Such customers will then have an opportunity to withdraw their consent to the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information.

Access, Questions and Concerns
If you wish to access any of your personal information held by FCA Canada, have further questions about your personal information and/or FCA Canada's Privacy Statement or procedures, wish to withdraw all or part of your personal information, or have other concerns, please contact the:

Privacy Officer at 1 (877) 639-8629
To send an E-mail, click here.

To download the printable version of our Privacy Statement, click here.

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