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Servicenet is a national maintenance program allowing companies that buy or lease vehicles from FCA Canada Fleet Operations to get routine vehicle service and parts with instant, single-source billing.

Why use Servicenet

  • Personalized service
  • Access to the retailers’ parts department for fleets who service their own vehicles
  • Streamlined billing process for all maintenance work and parts purchases

It’s free

Simply enroll by completing a credit review, and your fleet will have a nationwide network of FCA Canada retailers to rely on. Then, the retailers will forward their bills to FCA Canada who will invoice you on a monthly basis with a standard, itemized bill providing all information that your bookkeeping and accounting office needs.

Service it right... the first time

FCA Canada retailer technicians are specially trained to provide many automotive and truck services, including:

  • Body and paint shop work
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Over-the-counter parts sales
  • Deductibles

Here’s how it works

Your fleet vehicle driver makes an appointment and/or takes the fleet vehicle to a participating retailer. The driver gives the retailer advisor your fleet's name, special Servicenet number, vehicle ID, and phone number to call for repair authorization. Upon satisfactory completion of service, the retailer files a Servicenet claim with FCA US LLC Corporation to invoice your fleet. Each month, you'll receive clear, itemized bills for any service work and parts purchases performed for your fleet.

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